369 DeFi

No KYC/KYB fully anonymous investing with 100% loss insurance

1. Algorithm Settings

(Define Investment Strategy)

2. Smart Contract Setup

(Define Investment Terms for Smart Contract)

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Smart Contract review

Investment size: $ USD

Risk Tolerance: %

Lock-up Period:


Final Step

Login to your Waves wallet and transfer $BEST tokens to activate your Smart contract

1. Asset:
$BEST (Asset ID: B44D9E6oQatfQP5jwGx1aHZfTs7BcQK3ZZc8VT4859NS)

2. Recipient:

3. Amount:
$ USD converted to $BEST tokens at Primary market exchange rate ($165,00 USD/token)

4. Description (copy/paste following information):
Investment size: $ USD | Risk Tolerance: % | Lock-up Period: | Insurance:

5. Click "CONTINUE" and on the next screen click "SEND".

That's it!

What Happens Next?

Your smart contract with defined investment terms will be sent back to the wallet from which you've sent $BEST tokens (usually within 24 hours or less).

Once your smart contract is activated it will automatically start executing a defined investment strategy day-in-day out until lock-up period expires.

24 hours upon expiration of your lock-up terms all of the funds will be transferred back to the original sender's wallet automatically.

You will receive the complete value of your 369 DeFi portfolio in $USD-N (tokenized US dollar) which is backed 1:1 against U.S. Dollar. $USD-N can immediately be exchanged for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Waves, BCH, LTC and many other popular cryptocurrencies available on the Waves Exchange which you can also easily exchange or sell for FIAT money (Cash) both online or locally via ATM machines where available.

Upon releasing all of the funds back to the sender's wallet, your 369 DeFi account will be permanently terminated. However, if you need more 369 DeFi accounts you are free to create as many new 369 DeFi accounts and smart contracts as you like!


Please DO NOT lose the access to the wallet from which you've made an investment because after the lock-up period all of the funds will be automatically sent back to that wallet!! If you lose access to that wallet NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO RECOVER THE FUNDS!!

Your privacy is guaranteed!

In order to participate in 369 DeFi Fund nothing else apart from your personal Waves wallet is needed. No e-mail, no usernames, passwords, no first or last names, KYC/KYB, or any other pieces of info that could potentially trace back to your personal identity!

However, this also means that you can't call anyone or send an email asking for support or holding someone responsible for anything. This is because 369 DeFi Fund is a fully automated, decentralized and anonymous service operated by dozens of algorithms, statistical models and artificial intelligence acquired through the process of real-time machine learning.

Therefore, no one knows how many participants are using the platform, who they are and who is behind the project. If you don't feel comfortable with decentralized finance please don't take part in it until you get a better understanding of the technology.

Why Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?

The main motive for developing such a decentralized investment platform was the concern for the financial security of the ordinary citizen. It was necessary to devise, design and test a technological solution that would serve as protection against the possible collapse of the traditional banking system, from job losses as a result of automation of everything around us, as well as to protect capital and personal assets in an environment of volatile economies and political turmoils.

Happy Investing!!

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