5.000x $BESTGOLD

This voucher will buy you 5,000 pcs. of $BESTGOLD Digital Coin.

90.000,00 $

5.000x BESTGOLD! (Classic Edition)

$BESTGOLD is our most popular coin which represents equity in BSBC project and claim rights on profits from BSBC Marketplace.

Profit is distributed through dividends in $BESTCASH.

It is an innovative type of asset backed by tangible and non-tangible tokenized assets such as real estates, group of $BEST brands, software, BSBC projects, joint ventures, copyrights, patents, etc.

It is the best choice for anyone who prefers low-risk, long-term investment strategies with a potential for much faster and higher return on investment (ROI) comparing to traditional hedge and venture capital funds and stocks.

Circulating supply of $BESTGOLD coins is limited to the requests for assets tokenization which affects the increase in its value and market price.


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