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BSBC | Process of Tokenization

Features & Benefits

$BSBC’s proprietary technology and network of strategic partners and affiliates (including registered broker-dealer partners or affiliates of BSBC) provide issuers with a new solution for accessing capital and enabling secondary liquidity (including for traditionally illiquid investments).

This innovative solution leverages new technology, while relying on traditional capital markets rules and market participants, to issue, trade, and settle digital securities. Although a Security Token Offering (STO) is not a fit for every issuer, the following types of companies and investment vehicles should consider an STO for their next capital raise:

  • Private Companies
  • Real Estate
  • Funds

Conducting an STO potentially democratizes access to investment opportunities that have only been enjoyed by institutional investors and select high net worth, well-connected investors. Subject to compliance with applicable rules and regulations, this may enable issuers to access a global network of capital and potential customers. In addition, issuers may benefit from an STO in the following ways:

  • Flexibility to remain private longer
  • Potential liquidity through compliant secondary trading (for new investors as well as prior investors and employees)
  • Different reporting requirements and flexibility vs. traditional exchanges
  • Capability to fractionalize different asset classes
  • Future capital raises can leverage our existing investor base and structure

$BSBC’s own STO has paved the way for other issuers to leverage our network of strategic partners and affiliates (including registered broker-dealer partners or affiliates of BSBC) and navigate the offering process.

After a successful offering is completed, an issuer, assisted by our technology, can mint and issue its security tokens with a protocol that allows for interoperability and transferability, while satisfying regulatory requirements.

Our Products & Services

  • Pre-Feasibility Study for Tokenization
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Funding Portal
  • Token Minting and Distribution
  • Secondary Trading
  • Fraud, Forensic, AML & CFT advisory over Crypto-Asset
Disclaimer: $BSBC is not a registered broker-dealer or placement agent, does not provide investment banking services or investment advice, and does not affect securities transactions for issuers. Broker-dealer services, including investment banking services and services relating to secondary trading of security tokens, will be provided through one or more registered broker-dealer partners or affiliates of BSBC.
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