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Rules & Regulations

The Blockchain Solutions Business Club (hereinafter may be referred to as “BSBC”, “the Club”) is established for the purpose of achieving the goals in the field of enhancing economic cooperation between the Republic of Serbia, the European Union and other countries of the world, as well as to provide support to business entities operating in the Republic of Serbia, for easier market placement of goods and services in the territory of the Republic Serbia and worldwide.

BSBC is based at Pančevo, Republic of Serbia.

BSBC operates as an unregulated association, who meet to exchange ideas, promote their business and provide mutual support in furtherance of their business aims.

The aim of BSBC is to promote the businesses of Members by:

  • making contacts, business cooperation and more firm links between Members;
  • raising the quality of business relations and good business practices;
  • fostering good business practices, business practices and business morality;
  • protection of the interests of its Members;
  • professional development of Members;
  • informing the Members about the amendments and supplements of the regulations in force, as well as the adoption of new regulations and novelties in the legislation and its harmonization, including the active role of Members and BSBC in the process of adopting and amending the regulations, as well as the novelties in the legislation and its further and permanent harmonization;
  • providing information on investment opportunities in the Republic of Serbia;
  • professional research in the field of creation and implementation of a modern business concept that will ensure quality and efficiency for members of BSBC on a non-profit basis;
  • creating a network of women and men from the world of business, economy, cultural and scientific spheres, in order to discuss, on a non-profit basis, common interests and solve common problems;
  • support for Members of BSBC to improve their activities aimed at forming an ethical codex in business;
  • financial support for creative and special projects that are of interest to Members, and at the same time useful to the wider society – establishing contacts and achieving cooperation with state authorities in the Republic of Serbia in order to improve conditions for foreign investments and business;
  • establishing contacts and achieving cooperation with state and private bodies and organizations in the country and abroad, including but not limited to such organs of the Republic of Serbia and the European Union and other countries of the world;
  • cooperation and association with chambers of commerce, other associations and economic associations in the country and abroad.
  • financing of BSBC’s projects, as well as investing in the projects of the members of BSBC, for the purpose of business progress of the members of BSBC

The founding principles of BSBC are:

  • The key function of BSBC is to be group of friendly, reliable and like-minded business people who are willing and able to promote the businesses of fellow Members.
  • In all matters relating to BSBC, the Members will act with the utmost good faith towards one another and will act reasonably and prudently at all times both during their membership and afterwards.

The values of BSBC are summed up as:

  • RELIABLE. BSBC is one of Serbia’s most enduring and successful business networking clubs which actively maintains and promotes its reputation.
  • TRUSTED. BSBC can proudly boast that it’s trusted and reliable members cover a wide range of services and trades.
  • GLOBAL. Its membership is drawn from the worldwide community.


Members may be individual persons or businesses.

Members will not be allowed to participate in BSBC merely to obtain opportunities without providing opportunities for others.

BSBC does not impose any restriction upon Members also being Members of other networking organizations but does expect that those Members who are also Members of other organizations will provide a proportionate amount of opportunities to Members of BSBC.

Members may provide a substitute from their organization, at any time, in their place.

Membership subscriptions will be specified on BSBC’s Site and will be annual or monthly. All subscriptions and any other sums payable to BSBC are payable in euro and by becoming a Member you agree that BSBC may issue you with invoices in electronic format by e-mail should it wish to do so.

BSBC may change its policy on subscriptions at any time and any change will be effective at the next renewal date and after the expiry of 1 month following the date of posting the change on the Site.

The subscription is payable annually or monthly in accordance with the sums set out on the Site.

Any membership card issued by BSBC remains the property of BSBC. For administrative purposes the card will show an annual expiration date. If the annual subscription is not paid within 7 days of the periodic renewal date the card shall thereupon be returned to BSBC and membership shall immediately be cancelled or suspended at the option of BSBC.

Memberships are renewed automatically either monthly or annually based on the calendar date of your first payment.

BSBC has the right in its absolute discretion to limit the number of members to refuse membership or renewal for any reason or to expel a member or prevent any member or guest from taking part in or continuing at any Club Event.

Members must adhere to all rules of membership both online and at Club Event and Activities.

Membership is not transferable.

At all times Member shall conduct yourself in Members relations with other Members or their guests or the General Public or Third Parties in a responsible and careful manner.

Members failing to behave correctly will have their membership cancelled and no refund will be offered.

Suppliers or other Club Event organizers can refuse admission if in their opinion Member may be a risk to others or yourself or you are affecting the enjoyment of others or the running of BSBC event whether through unreasonable behavior, drink, drugs or otherwise.

BSBC reserves the right to terminate your membership with immediate effect should you be found to breach these conditions.

Member must be over 18 years of age.

 Applications for membership

Membership vacancies may be advertised on BSBC website and members asked to nominate persons/companies they consider would benefit BSBC if they were to join. They must approach the persons/companies to determine interest.

The application must initially be submitted to BSBC who will review the application.


BSBC may support local charities by sponsoring events during the year subject to the availability of funds and approval of Members. This support would generally include the financial proceeds of any raffle and the sponsoring of a summer event. Members are asked to nominate charities to benefit from these donations. A member representing the selected charity may attend a Club meeting to present to the members their charity.


BSBC may host members events during the year subject to Members wishes and the availability of funds.


General responsibilities of Members

Members agree to conduct themselves in a professional manner and live up to the ethical standards of their profession. Members agree to uphold the reputation of BSBC and that of individual members. Members agree to carry out their work with all due integrity, without bias and without allowing personal views to influence their judgement.

Members undertake to respect client confidentiality and not to disclose client information to third parties without prior approval of the said client. Members agree not to use information obtained in carrying out work for one client that could be deemed detrimental to another client. Members undertake not to receive material benefits, other than normal fees, as a consequence of any recommendation made.

Members will carry out all work to the best of their ability and to the price agreed.

Web presence

Marketing through BSBC’s website is reserved exclusively for members. You are responsible for ensuring your Member Page is accurate & up-to-date. BSBC does not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies or errors.

New Members will automatically be registered onto BSBC’s website within 4 weeks of acceptance. By accepting the invitation to join BSBC members are agreeing to allow their details to be advertised on BSBC website.

New members are to ensure that they provide any specific wording, links, pictures and other web material within 4 weeks of membership. Any submissions or amendments made after this point will be subject to an admin charge to cover the costs incurred with the webmaster.

Any other member content to be added to the website (i.e.: blog content – articles, announcements, testimonials etc.) will be added by one of the web administrators, but it is the member’s responsibility to ensure it is accurate; BSBC does not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies or errors.

Business cards, flyers etc.

BSBC is a business networking group. It can be used for the purposes of promoting your business and searching for potential new business relationships.

All members must on request supply suitable information about their business activities as is required for the production of such materiel and must take an active part in the distribution of such materiel.


Members agree to allow BSBC to use any photographs or other images of them taken at Club Events or activities for promotional purposes and are aware that they may be taken by other members and posted on social networking sites or elsewhere over which BSBC has not control. Where the photograph is on BSBC website and is deemed offensive by you then upon being informed BSBC will use its discretion to remove it or otherwise but is under no obligation to do so.


Acceptable behavior:

BSBC requires all members to act in such a manner as:

  • it does not harm the goodwill of BSBC.
  • to portray BSBC as a serious and effective business club.
  • Actively promote the businesses of other members of BSBC
  • not to damage the reputation of the businesses of other members of BSBC
  • To act positively in supporting or dealing with other Members.

This list is not definitive and is for guidance only.


BSBC shall not be liable for any loss of profits, loss of business, depletion of goodwill, pure economic loss, or for any special, indirect or consequential loss costs or damages howsoever arising.


Use of data

BSBC is an unincorporated association, which holds and process information about members for administrative purposes. BSBC is governed by the Law on Personal Data Protection. BSBC takes care in how it holds and uses your personal information.

The purposes for which the information is held and processed are:

  • Managing the membership of new and existing members;
  • Organizing Club Events;
  • Management of internal elections; and
  • General administration.

In addition, all data (whether paper, electronic or aural) is supplied to BSBC on the understanding that it may be used for any purpose BSBC deems a suitable activity in furtherance of BSBC’s aims including such publicity as BSBC determines appropriate for the advancement of BSBC.


At Own Request

A member has the right to cancel the application for membership at any time up to the end of seven working days after your application for Membership is submitted via the Site.  In this case you must email with CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION in the subject line.

A member may resign at any time and is not required to give notice however the resignation must be given in writing to BSBC stating the final day of membership.

There is no entitlement to the refunding of any money given to BSBC for whatever purpose. It is the responsibility of the member (or ex-member) to cancel any Standing Orders, Direct Debits etc. to BSBC.

At the request of the Club

BSBC has the authority to terminate membership where a member had done activities that are at variance with the principles of BSBC or that might not meet what BSBC requires as good behavior.

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